Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Social Web Browsing on your mobile?

The word social usually involves doing things together with others – browsing usually means casually looking at something. Combined the words suggest casually looking at something together with others – or simply being able to share what you are doing. So what does social web browsing on mobile phones mean?

No doubt Social Web Browsing is being used as a marketing term to differentiate between phone browsers, another attribute to swing the buyer or drive curiosity towards downloading a new browser to the phone. The attribute described is ability to ‘share’ a web site with a friend. This sharing is implemented one of more of these ways:

  • Create a tweet on your Twitter with the site address (URL) and accompanying text – look at this cools site etc.
  • Write about site and share address on your Facebook Wall
  • Send an SMS to you friends with the site address and comments
  • Send an email to your friends with the site address and comments
  • Send a browser message to your friend with site address and comments

All these ‘Social’ ways have in common that friends can open the web site on their mobiles and if they like what they see, they can add it to their bookmarks or even download an app to their phone. They all allow casually looking at something and sharing it with your friends.

At mJetz we take this concept a bit further. Not only have we implemented browser to browser messaging allowing you to send and share and receive messages and sites within your mJetz browsers, but we have also implemented 'one click' addition to your favorites making it very easy to incorporate your friend’s suggestions – mobile sites, web sites, RSS feeds or mJetz apps - with your personal favorites. And with mJetz unique navigation and personalization, you will easily find these without searching through bookmarks or flipping through pages of icons. That is the mJetz way, the mobileWeb easier to use.

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